Reporting Results

Well, the hurricane winds seem to have blown away (at least in my neighborhood), and fall is in the air (a little; temperatures are still in the low 80’s). Baseball season has just about ended (and I’m thrilled the Cubs are headed back to the post-season AGAIN! Food for thought: Kris Bryant was a rookie in 2015, when the Cubs had the first of the latest 3 post-season runs. Do you think he’d even feel normal without a post-season to look forward to? Just one of those questions we hope won’t be answered for MANY years.

As for my crazy diet, it’s going well. I’ve had a few days of throwing away all the rules (you can’t really blow it, but there are certainly times when you want to eat something that’s a miscombination; at times like those, you have to hold onto your will power, if at all possible, knowing you’ll be able to eat whatever fancy dish you want if you just wait awhile for it). I’ve had a recent yen for M&M’s, so bought a big bag (the plain milk chocolate kind; peanut M&M’s have protein, and you’re not supposed to eat anything but protein after eating protein; I’m not prepared to give up all my carbs for the day after eating a handful of peanut M&M’s in the afternoon). I’ve been having a couple of handfuls every day, after I finish my fruit. Granted, my weight has not dropped significantly since last week, when I was down 9 pounds. But I’m doing well, eating well and most important, eating as much as I want at the time. (I will freely admit here that it was the portion restrictions at Weight Watchers that made things so hard for me.)

At this point, I’m down half a dress size (with about five more to go), and I’m feeling really good. I’ve lost an inch and a half off my thigh, an inch off my bust, half an inch off my waist, and an inch off my upper arm. And while I do take an occasional antacid, most of the time, I don’t need one. I had some blood tests a couple of weeks ago, and my good cholesterol is up, bad cholesterol is down, and overall cholesterol number is significantly down. Blood pressure is good. I’ve re-started taking Resveratrol again, something I stopped taking after some health issues last fall. Resveratrol, an over the counter supplement, is fantastic for lowering blood pressure, so when I had my first blood pressure issues, I started taking it, with amazing results. And at some point, when my weight numbers drop down again, I want to get off the prescription BP med I’ve been taking since December. I HATE prescription meds!

To remind you of my current regimen: The New Beverly Hills Diet is based on the idea of properly combining foods for maximum digestion, which the creator of it, Judy Mazel, considers the fount of all disease. By eating only proteins and fats together, or carbs and fats together, and combining proteins and carbs only very occasionally, you can eat extremely well, not worry about portion control, and use minimal willpower. Mazel asks you to start almost every day with a tropical fruit (like pineapple, papaya, mango, berries or grapes) which contain enzymes which help burn fat and aid in perfect digestion. Then wait 2 hours before switching to carbs or protein, and if you want to eat again after that, wait another two hours to switch again (from carbs to protein or vice versa). That’s almost all there is to it. It takes awhile to get used to thinking (and eating) this way, but once you do, it’s pretty simple. I think before I put anything in my mouth–is it protein? Carbs? If it has cheese, that’s automatically protein, because of the dairy, but if I leave the cheese off, is the rest carbs?

I’ve learned that I don’t lose weight now as quickly as I did years ago, so it will take time and patience to get through this, but in the process, I’m learning that I can be satisfied now with less food (last night I ordered a meatball sub at a local bar, and since I wanted just protein, asked that the bread be left off. The result was a little plate with four meatballs on it. That was dinner, and I was fine with it.)

I will also admit to days where all I eat is carbs (this is not necessarily a tragedy). I’ll have very good bread and olive oil or butter; I’ll have pasta; I haven’t yet had a Chinese meal, but that’s coming. Pizza is a miscombination–the dough is a carb, as is the tomato, but the cheese is protein–and I’ve had it several times–eating several slices, till I’m quite full–without gaining weight. I’ve learned that after a protein meal, I can have vanilla ice cream with whipped cream (whipped cream being dairy) and not gain weight.

I’m not going to say this is the best way to eat for everyone, but it’s working for me. And while I do sometimes wish for a fleeting moment that I could have Diet Coke again (that’s a permanent no-no, because it contains artificial sweeteners, which the human body does not know how to digest), here’s a fun fact: I liked Diet Coke mostly for the carbonation, and we ARE allowed alcohol, even in the initial 35-day phase (which I have not yet completed). Turns out the ONLY alcohol which goes with everything, including fruit, is champagne (because it’s made from grapes, after all). I LOVE champagne (mostly for the carbonation), and while as a mostly non-alcohol-drinker, I don’t have it often, I did buy a six-pack (what looks like a split each) to keep in the fridge till I want something besides water to drink.

It was also suggested (by Mazel) that if you like hot tea (which I do) and you don’t want to use artificial sweeteners, you could try cinnamon in your tea, instead of sugar. Haven’t tried that yet (it hasn’t been cold enough to warrant going back to hot tea here in SC), but I certainly will, and will report back here.

Meanwhile, I’ve been on this new way of life (that’s what it feels like) for 24 days now, with minimal trouble, and feeling more and more comfortable with it every day. After the first week or so, I was so busy with other things I mostly didn’t think about it until mealtime, though as Mazel says, “Think about food when it doesn’t count, so you don’t have to think about it when it does.” I’ve learned to try to keep down my salt intake (I don’t handle salt too well), and have been drinking lots of water. Mostly, I’ve been delighted that I can eat and not worry about portion control, while enjoying good food and still seeing the numbers on the scale drop.

A very good thing, and more results to come, in about 2 weeks (at the 35-day mark). Very pleased with this new way of eating, and very excited about the future!







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